the unyielding desire to be right

I am an observant person by nature. I prefer to stand back, take things in, and quietly process said things. While I may have  more of a vocal presence online, I tend to keep most of my thoughts to myself. I bring this up because lately, I have been seeing much of the opposite. People have this unyielding desire to be right–to be the loudest voices and simultaneously, shut anyone who disagrees out of the conversation.

The Christian world is a great depiction of this type of behavior. The biggest voices tend to dictate the conversations. There is no room for disagreement, especially because no one is willing to earnestly listen. It’s very easy for people that have had a relatively great life to make blanket statements.

As I’ve grown up, I’ve found it extremely challenging to adopt that “I’m right, you’re wrong” type of mentality. My faith is important to me, but I can’t say that I am an exemplary Christian by an means [whatever that means/looks like]. This has been my struggle. I’ve seen people that I know scoff at the topic of feminism because that is not seen in a favorable light or part of the so-called appropriate Church discussion. I’ve seen people largely ignore issues of racism, especially when it comes to the Church. I’ve seen people largely shy away from talking about sexual abuse.

It’s frustrating. Everything is black and white, and the moment you say something that is in the slightest, not in line with “mainstream Christianity” thinking, then you are going to hell. I refuse to accept that, but at the same time what can you really say to those kinds of people. It’s a just a continuous, vicious cycle of arguments. Meanwhile, people are actually hurting.

So what do you do? Sometimes, you talk but other times you silently push forward because it’s just not worth it.